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Growth Should Always Be Your Strategy 


Aki Ashe is sponsored by 12 Media Publishing a book publishing company. (12 Media Publishing is a hybrid publishing company registered with the Independent Book Publishing Association led by CEO Angela Bole, that specializing in real estate, business, and educational book series.  We are publishing a real estate and business book series and are looking for professionals to share their experiences and stories in our books.)

Project Details:

We are publishing a real estate, business, career, banking and finance book series that will be featuring multiple co-authors and experts in their field.  Each co-author will make up his or her own chapter in the book.

Case Studies:

Authors—all coaches, professionals, consultants, and speakers—surveyed by RainToday for The Business Impact of Writing a Book reported that writing and publishing a book made a huge difference in their visibility, income, and success.

96% said having a book positively influenced their business

96% generated more clients

94% generated more leads

87% could charge higher fees

87% attracted a more desirable client base

And 76% percent closed more deals

One survey respondent said that since writing and publishing her book, she’d never had a shortage of clients. These statistics have been out for a few years and they’re still amazing! Particularly for bloggers, self-employed professionals, and consultants who want to establish and grow a business. 

Benefits Of Being An Author:

Helping Others, Spread The Word, Influence Others, Establish Credibility, Become An Expert, Raise Your Fees, Get Publicity and Media Attention, Get Booked to Speak, Get Traffic to Your Site, Attract Ideal Clients, Leave a Legacy, Share Your Story

Book Distribution:

Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Walmart, itunes, and other sister booksellers

How to Apply:

Download the application below and answer the following questions.