Aki Ashe’s Mission Statement:

"To help and be of service to others to make the world a better place."


Author | Educator | Investor


Aki Ashe is an author, educator, and investor.  He is currently the Managing Partner for Ashe Capital & Company, a real estate investment and management company based in New York. His first books written was the The Power of Dressing,The Power of Perception, and a Coloring Book. He has conducted several business seminars at universities, and has worked in the menswear and publishing industries.  For the last pass several years Aki Ashe has been mentoring and teaching high school and college students throughout New York City the importance of dressing for success and entrepreneurship.  Ashe believes clothing communication is one of the first forms of contacts that people will base their judgments of you.

Mr. Ashe first started out by starting his own neckwear company that would create alumni neckwear for colleges and universities.  From his exposure in the education system, he started to teach classes on business communication and entrepreneurship.  He began the classes by preparing handwritten worksheets that he would outline the topics he would discuss that day.   From the growing interest of his topics in the school system, he wanted to share his topics and world experience with a boarder audience and writing actual complete manuscripts.

In 2020, Mr. Ashe developed the Aki Ashe Scholarship Fund, which is a fund that will provide financial support to students attending college in the form of a scholarship.  The scholarship is issued on a yearly basis to students who qualify around the United States and is distributed directly to their school of choice.

In addition, Mr. Ashe also started a Children Literacy Fund that will donate his children's books and funds to at risk and low income children; and a Socks for the Homeless Fund that donates socks to the homeless and homeless shelters.

Mr. Aki Ashe resides in the New York City and currently looking for commercial real estate investments while writing real estate, business, and career books.

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What does Aki do when he is not writing or publishing?

Aki Ashe enjoys investing in real estate in New York as he is currently the Managing Partner of Ashe Capital & Company.  Ashe loves working with real estate developers, contractors, property managers, investors, and cash buyers to invest in multi-family unit investments.  He enjoys investing in real estate thru joint venture partnerships.  If you would like a potential investment opportunity contact him at ashecapitlandco.com.

Giving Back

Community outreach is one of the most essential parts of belonging to a community. Being a New York native, Aki Ashe always found the importance in helping those in need. This is why he became affiliated with such important and recognized groups such as Feeding America and the YMCA.  Bringing joy and showing support to the less fortunate has always been a duty of his that he takes on with great pride and responsibility.  Aki Ashe supports numerous charities throughout the world.

Some ways in which he has contributed in these mentioned organizations are by volunteering in the food drives and soup kitchens. Aki Ashe also was a part of creating enrichment events for the youth at the YMCA.  Aki Ashe has a goal of starting a non-profit corporation that will include providing mentoring and financial literacy education to underserved and at risk populations. 

Aki Ashe Documentary Filming
Aki Ashe Mentorship Program 
Aki Ashe Mentorship Program 

Ali Chaudhry Former Deputy Secretary For Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Aki Ashe with Eric Adams, New Mayor of New York City
Aki Ashe With Mayor Steve Noble of Kingston, New York 
Aki Ashe With Andy Hilfiger, Tommy Hilfiger's Brother 
Aki Ashe at Brooklyn College With Students
Aki Ashe With John Williams CEO of Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Aki Ashe Mentorship Program
Aki Ashe at Kingsborough College Teaching Students
Aki Ashe with Dr. Bryant at John Jay College
Aki Ashe With Carlo Scissura, CEO on New York Building Congress
Aki Ashe Books At Yale University
Aki Ashe With Ken Thompson, Brooklyn's District Attorney
Aki Ashe, Board Member of YMCA, With Kendall Charter, Executive Director of YMCA
Aki Ashe with former City Councilman Candidate John Quaglione   
Aki Ashe With Andrew Hoan, CEO of Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce